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Alison Payne & Antony Halls

Original Resin Creations

Alison and Antony work with synthetic casting resins, to produce a diverse range of both wearable and collectable items.

They also offer a commission service. Their creativeness is born from a collaboration of skills. Alison originally worked with textiles, joining the Guild in 1988 creating beautiful applique designs that adorned many items. She made the decision to change craft after meeting Antony in 1992. He has sculpted and painted all his working life, with a background in porcelain, learning every aspect of production process. He switched materials in 1990, from porcelain to resin.

With Alison’s understanding of shape and colour and Antony’s knowledge of mould making and casting, they successfully started designing and producing the original resin creations you see today. There are no boundaries with designing the next idea.

Linksway, Tillington Common,
Tillington, Herefordshire. HR4 8LW
Tel: 01432 769543
Mob: 07971 577845

Email: alilpayne@live.com
Web: www.originalresincreations.com