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Carolyn Morgan

Stained Glass Suncatchers

Carolyn attended a 5 day workshop in stained glass in 2000 which inspired her to develop her skill and ideas in this craft.

Carolyn now has her own workshop set up and spends most of her days working there. She makes all her own designs and produces the patterns used to cut the glass, inspired by nature and flowing lines.

As her natural approach in using this medium is to work quite small and intricately it was using the process widely known as the Tiffany style that Carolyn found worked best with her designs.  This process consists of cutting individual pieces of glass to shape by hand and then to grind the edges smooth to create a very accurate fit . After the glass is cleaned, copper foil is put around all the edges and then burnished to create good adhesion, fluxed and then soldered. The finished pieces are washed to remove all traces of the flux and once dry any finishing touches are then added.

Tel: 07753 143445
Email: camorgan64@gmail.com