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Emma Steger – Off My Tree (Associate Member)

Poking about in nature has been a passion for as long as Emma can remember, always preferring to be out than in.


So now she designs and crafts all her findings, with their natural texture and structure in mind, highlighting their strengths and ‘flaws’ into functional and decorative art to own, use, to offer and slightly wonder about! Each piece, like us, has it’s own unique story.


Concerned, as many are about the impact we have on our world, Emma uses solely reclaimed, or as she puts it, ‘Found, Foraged and Fallen’ wood, adding no chemicals, plastic or resin to her projects, therefore enabling her to gratefully heat the workshop with nothing but the dust remaining.


France was ‘home’ for 25 years, but now enjoys discovering the ancient woodlands and rivers of England.


Living aboard the Narrow boat, ‘Sirius’, feeling fortunate to live so closely to nature and the changing seasons, seeing the world from an entirely different angle.

Her work can be found mainly on instagram: @offmytreeshop


Tel: 07538100330

Facebook: offmytreeshop