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Grahame Tucker

Wood Sculpture

Grahame Tucker  Wood Sculptures

Grahame trained as a fine artist with a passion for working in wood, exploring both constructional and carving techniques to create wood sculptures.

In his work he is particularly influenced by shape and form in landscape, seascape, natural forms and architectural structures. Grahame interprets this in an individual manner which has enabled him to explore a range of different techniques to create unique and original artwork.

He uses a variety of hardwoods, softwoods and composites from sustainable sources selected for their tonal, textural and colour qualities to create contrast and depth in each piece. These may be one of a series or bespoke commissions.

His work varies considerably in scale from pieces designed for internal display to larger sculptures for the garden or outdoor settings.

Further information about the artist and his work can be accessed by browsing the various galleries of his website.
Grahame will be exhibiting at a number of events with the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen throughout the year.

Address: Etchers, 1 Old Hall Close, Aston Somerville
Broadway, Worcs. WR12 7JN

01386 853209
Mob: 07863 816616

Web: www.grahametucker.co.uk

Facebook: Grahame R Tucker Sculptor and Printmaker


Cheltenham Gold Cup by Grahame TuckerElephants by Grahame TuckerLeaf sculpture by Grahame TuckerNoah's Ark by Grahame TuckerFarmyard sculpture by Grahame TuckerHarbour by Grahame TuckerFrench horn by Grahame TuckerFull Sail by Grahame TuckerGrahame Tucker Wood sculpture