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Ian Storey (Associate member)

Cabinet Maker and Woodturner

Ian Storey DLitt, BA(Hons) is a highly skilled Cabinet maker and woodturner but also a renowned International Opera singer, performing leading and title roles such as Peter Grimes, Tristan and Otello in prestigious houses around the world: in Milan, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Berlin, to name a few. He celebrated 30 years in the music business during lockdown with a beer, watching football on TV.

Due to the devastating effect on the music business by Covid, Ian decided to return to his roots. He trained in furniture design, cabinet making and woodturning at Loughborough.

In January 2021, he cleared his workshop and started woodturning and preparing timber for future cabinet/furniture projects. He describes his furniture as being firmly rooted in the Arts and Crafts tradition (with more than a nod to the classic designers – Eames, Mies van de Rohe, Jacobsen, Breuer et al) regarding construction techniques, but with the clean lines of Scandinavian design. Very much the melding of form and function.
His turned work is more artistic and he prefers working with “complicated” wood. He chooses to begin a piece when the right idea formulates in his mind, but is not fixed on a path if, during turning, the wood calls out to be worked in a different direction. He works with the nature of a piece and utilises/enhances natural flaws and features. He never imposes an idea on a piece but looks for inspiration within it.

He has found that creating in his workshop has many parallels with creating on stage. Two areas of artistry with much in common even though one is tangible and the other transient.

Ian says that he “sings songs and makes stuff”.

You can find out more about Ian and his work through the following:-

Email: ian@ianstorey.com

Mobile: 07976294022

Website: ianstorey.com/ian-storey-creations

Instagram: ianstoreycreations

 Etsy: IanStoreyCreations


Ian Storey woodturningYew Decorative Vase by Ian StoreyLarge Yew vase by Ian StoreyVase by Ian StoreyLaburnum hollow form - (175 x 145) by Ian StoreyIan Storey woodturningIan Storey woodturningIan Storey - English Yew bowlCanadian Maple Dropped wing bowl by Ian Storey