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Jo McCulloch

Felted Sheep Company

The Felted Sheep Company began its life in 2006. My Mum had always been a prolific knitter so when she became ill and couldn’t knit anymore I decided it was time to take up the mantle and pick up the needles.

Chance encounters with a felting kit lead me to research knitting and felting in greater depths leading to a whole new world of wool and fibres
I now make a range of hand knitted and felted hats, handbags and accessories. More recently applique cushion have been added to the range. All made from 100% wool.

My bags are functional, fashionable and a great addition to any wardrobe. The hats are timeless and practical.

The Felted Sheep Company
No.1 Station Rd, Bromyard, Herefordshire. HR7 4HP

Tel: 01885 483851
Mob: 07970 763736

Web: www.felted-sheep.com
Email: jo.mcculloch@felted-sheep.com