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Kim Davis


Kim Davis is a woodturner based in North Herefordshire and his working philosophy is; ‘From the hands of the artist to the heart of the beholder’

The simplicity of his vessel forms display the grain and natural colour of the woods being used. My making is a response to the nature of the wood and is intuitive and emotional rather than prescriptive and defining; the form that emerges is a reaction to the wood being used. Although a vessel maker his concern is with the form and surface, function becomes peripheral. Inspired by the intrinsic beauty of the native and exotic woods he uses to produce tactile shapes which have function at the same time as transcending into unique pieces of art by using the woods natural organic traits.

Kim’s range of products is from light pulls and bud vases to larger bowls, vases and platters to large statement pieces, including wall art and natural edge pieces. Commissions are welcome, especially making a memorable piece from a fallen tree.

To date Kim has sold his work through craft fairs, shows and exhibitions and national galleries including Primavera in Cambridge, ARC Gallery Chester, Fitch & Fellows in Thame and Waterstreet Gallery, Toddmarden. He is also a member of the Artists’ Gallery at the Ludlow Farmshop, Bromfield, Shropshire.

He also likes to make shavings.

Tel: 07496 716212
Email: k.w.davis@hotmail.com

Web: www.kimwdaviswoodturner.com

Facebook: Kim Davis Wood Turner


False Acacia Lacquered bowl by Kim DavisBrazilian tulipwood enclosed bowl by Kim DavisRed Mallee - natural edge burr by Kim DavisRed Mallee Burr bowl by Kim DavisAsh natural edge vase by Kim DavisMulberry natural edge bowl by Kim DavisBurr Oak bowl by Kim Davis