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Layla Khani – Laylart Studio (Associate Member)

Layla’s linocut prints embody a vibrant expression of the beauty and narratives present in the natural world, with a particular focus on the enchanting landscape surrounding Malvern Hills.

Her art encapsulates the essence of shifting seasons and the intricate nuances concealed within every facet of nature. Employing rich and daring colours, her creations draw deep inspiration from the intricate textures found in the natural environment. With an endless wellspring of joy and inspiration derived from nature, Layla’s linocut prints invite viewers to enter the ever-evolving realm of the natural world, where each piece holds a unique tale waiting to be uncovered.

“I carve stories of my own on linoleum, based on my experience both as a mother and a woman in an ever-changing world that at times feels like a constant war between chaos and bliss. Sometimes when we take a walk with my son through beautiful Malvern, we look at the world in terms of colours. We decide what colour is best suited for certain moments of our leisurely stroll, and at the end, we decide which colour can be named the main colour of that day.

This can be clearly seen in my works; they are multicoloured, multi-dimensional landscapes within landscapes, with every piece belonging to a certain moment that had an impact on me. They are impressions of my emotions clothed in many colours and characters that, although they might feel separated, are all parts of one big story.”

Layla Khani (AKA Laylart Studio)