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Mariana Pavlova

Fused Glass

Mariana is a fused glass artist who lives and has her studio in Hollybush, a hamlet on the Southern edge of the Malvern Hills. She designs and makes decorative and useful objects for you and your home by cutting and fusing glass. She has attended a glass fusing course at Malvern college in 2014 and has since started to work in a small outbuilding behind the family house.

Mariana uses Bullseye glass and her pieces appeal to people who want to create a special and unique area in their home, with a stunning visual impact. She has had several commissions and produced bespoke splashbacks. She also makes wall tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and pool areas, glass panels for walls and doors, small and large bowls and plates, decorative and functional, and jewellery.
Mariana will be very happy to discuss a project with you, please call or send her an email.

Hollybush Studios, Underthe, Hollybush, Ledbury
Herefordshire. HR8 1ET

Tel: 01531 632486
Mob: 07747 128306

Email: mariana@hollybushstudios.com
Web: www.hollybushstudios.com
Facebook: Hollybush Studios
Twitter: @MPGlassArt
Instagram: @mariana.pavlova


Mariana Pavlova Glass ArtistGlass by Mariana Pavlova