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Patrick Geenty

Ceramic Artist - Herries Pottery

Wheel Thrown Crystalline Glazed Ceramics
Patrick has recently joined us as an Associate member and from his studio at Herries Pottery, he makes hand thrown porcelain ceramics.
His focus is on decorative but functional vases and platters, which are used as a canvas for a special type of glaze called “crystalline”.
Crystalline glazes produce a glass surface in which natural crystals seed and grow, very much as they do in nature. The results can be truly unique because each pot is different in shape and crystal formation. No two firings are the same, creating a type of ceramics which is hugely exciting and creative, yet at the same time very frustrating.
Patrick aims to make crystalline pottery that is beautiful and pleasing to the eye, whilst having a decorative function in the home. He wants people to see this type of work and share his love of the totally captivating allure of natural crystals in the body of a glaze.

Herries Pottery
Hanley Willia
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8QT
Tel. 01584 781245

Email: pgeenty@sky.com
Website: www.herriespottery.com

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