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Rhys Partridge


From Ross-on-Wye, Rhys has always had a keen interest in the arts. Since gaining a degree in Fine arts at University College Falmouth, he has gone on to show work in various locations around the country. Including group and solo exhibitions in London. However he chooses to stay rooted in the countryside exploring his environment to create paintings, drawings and his new venture into the printmaking process from his home studio.

The main focus of the work is to create something that describes his environment. He has a specific interest in surface, light, shade and colour. These interests can be easily translated through the painting process. He enjoys experimenting with different mediums and in the last year he has taken up lino cutting, looking primarily at British wildlife. This is a much more controlled and thoughtful process, which is a great juxtaposition to his paintings.

Email: rhyspartridge1189@gmail.com
Website: www.partidgesgallery.com
Facebook: Partridge’s Gallery