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William Rolls

Ceramic Artist

William Rolls is an artist based in Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders and is new to the Potters community. William studied for his BA and MA in Contemporary Crafts in Hereford. William hand builds ceramic animals that he salt fires. He uses some ancient glazing techniques such as terra sigillata and engobes. These treatments coupled with the salt firing often give visually interesting results that are always unique.

William studied Contemporary Crafts at Hereford College specialising in ceramics for both his BA and MA degrees. After studying he settled in Hereford, establishing a studio there finding a natural home in the town’s vibrant creative community. His latest body of work is inspired by volcanic colours and sediments on thrown pieces decorated with handmade springs. William glaze fires in a gas kiln to enhance the finish potential on the pieces.

Each unique piece is finished in a number of ways from using stains, oxides and underglazes in electric kilns to just the power of minerals thrown into the heat of a salt firing. Alongside his ever increasing pack of dog sculptures, William has been busy producing a new body of work creating other animals that use a thrown base as part of the piece. This combined technique has enabled his work to evolve and opened up a rich stream of ideas and outcomes.

Address: Unit 6 Studios, Rockfield Road, Hereford HR1 2UA
Tel. 07984 409241

Email: williamrolls@icloud.com
Web: www.williamrollsceramics.com

Instagram: williamrollsceramics
Facebook: William Rolls Ceramics


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