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Alison Simons

Fluid Acrylic Artist

Whilst working for many years as a neurophysiologist in the NHS, I always needed a separate outlet for my creativity and now also work as a fluid acrylic artist. When I found fluid art it felt like coming home. I am self-taught, learning my practice through online tutorials and courses, and self-experimentation and learning.

My scientific background supports the technical nature of fluid art, which requires precise preparation and pouring of paints and other ingredients, creating magical effects.

I often paint intuitively and love embellishing my paintings, combining the liberation of the paint pour with the precision and meticulous details of traditional brushwork.

My paintings usually portray fantasy or nature themes, or explore abstract expression of light and form, frequently combining abstract and realism. I love the freedom of expression and imagination fantasy offers, and nature is a source of solace for me, so it is only natural to manifest my place of peace onto canvas.

I have learned to appreciate art as a powerful tool for mindfulness and mental wellbeing. I aim to share the escapism my art offers, to stimulate imagination and stir emotion in others and to draw my audience into a world of colour and vibrancy.

I work on a commission basis as well as exhibiting at many shows throughout the year, details of which can be found on my social media pages and website. I will also be exhibiting at most of the Guild’s events.

Mobile : 07717 848362
Email : ali@dragonrunecrafts.co.uk
Web : www.dragonrunecrafts.co.uk

Facebook : dragonrunecrafts
Instagram : dragonrune_crafts


Ignis Draconum by Alison SimonsWater Phoenix by Alison SimonsSilva Draconum by Alison SimonsLibratum by Alison SimonsDandelion Wishes by Alison SimonsTranquility by Alison SimonsFluid art by Alison SimonsFluid art by Alison Simons