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Upcoming Events for 2022

Under normal circumstances, the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen are proud to exhibit at numerous events and festivals throughout the year. We continue to struggle with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in most of our scheduled events and activities being cancelled again for this year.

Despite this, most of our members continue to be creative and are working independently from their own studios and workshops with all the necessary precautions, as directed by the government and WHO.

We are all independent small businesses so please continue to support us if you can - buy local, buy handmade!
Many of us have websites with online ordering facilities too.

In addition to all the information here which will be regularly updated, follow us on our social media accounts for up-to-date details and event news updates!

We'll be back in action with a program of public events throughout 2022 and details will be added here once we've got everything confirmed. We all look forward to seeing you soon and adding some beauty and creativity to your world!

History of The Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen

The Guild Today

The Guild consists of Craftsmen/women, Associates and Honorary Members. The qualifications for a craft worker would be that he/she earns a living by their craft and should have attained a standard of skill accepted as suitable by the Committee. An annual subscription would be payable by all participating members. All of these points are followed to this day.

The number of active members has fluctuated over the years, but the Guild boasts a large selection of crafts to show to the public and is always keen to seek new members. It is evident that many of the traditional crafts have been lost to modern technology. Some crafts from the early membership included wheelwrighting, thatching, cleaving and stonemasonry. Even though these crafts are still sought, their presence at shows is rare. Our active membership and that of any craft group together with interest from the general public at shows and exhibitions, is the mainstay of today’s Craft workers. Public support, admiration and comments are invaluable to craftspeople in determining the design and production of their goods.


Evolution of the Guild

However, since the Millennium, some things have changed. The Guild has been motivated and encouraged to put ideas and views forward for discussion. A new logo has been launched to coincide with a more modern style of display. A leaflet is produced each year, listing all current members’ details and the forthcoming programme of events.
The other changes to the Guild have been: replacing the existing Court with a Committee and the Master has now become Chairman. The one thing that we hope will never change is the title of the Guild.



 The Future…

In the years ahead, no doubt the Guild will continue to evolve and change shape as new members join, crafts will diversify, new skills and new crafts will be discovered.