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Becci Meakins & Richard Hamblin

Fused Glass

Becci Meakins and Richard Hamblin are fused and slumped glass artists. They design and make this glass ware in their studio in the Forest of Dean.

Fused glass is a process of taking layers of glass and ‘fusing’ them together by way of heat work in a kiln. Slumped glass is taking the fused glass process one stage further in order to shape it. This is done by re-heating the glass until it becomes soft enough to slump in or over a mould.

Becci and Rich use a variety of ever-increasing techniques in their bold and brightly coloured work. These include micro-casting, pattern bars, drops and strip-construction.

They exhibit at Guild events and also other craft events in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire. Becci and Rich are also available to undertake commission work. Please see their website for details.

Address: Hollyville, Ruardean Hill, Drybrook, Glos. GL17 9AR

Tel: 01594 541806
Mob: 07713 499427

Email: info@blackcatglassdesigns.co.uk
Web: www.blackcatglassdesigns.co.uk

Facebook: Black Cat Glass Designs
Instagram: blackcatglassdesigns


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