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Claire Billingsley

Ceramic Artist

Claire Billingsley – Ceramic Artist

Claire is a ceramicist and artist living in Ledbury, in rural Herefordshire. She works in stoneware clay using hand–building techniques, predominately coiling, slabbing and press moulding. Claire creates work that is both functional and sculptural and being made in stoneware clay and fired to a high temperature, it can happily live inside or outdoors.

Form and colour dominates her work which is inspired by nature and her love of art history. It’s bold and striking and she constantly strives for excellence and precision in her creations.

Claire’s love of ceramics makes it her preferred media which she studied to degree level in the 1990’s. However, years of teaching have honed her artistic skills in a variety of other media including drawing, painting, sculpture and printing.

Claire taught full time for nineteen years from 1997 at secondary level in Gloucester, following two residences as an Artist in a girl’s school in North Wales and a boy’s school in Berkshire. She still enjoys teaching on a smaller scale and hosts regular workshops in her studio for individual sessions or for small groups. In addition, she occasionally teaches at other venues, tailoring the courses in both two and three-dimensional media.
Claire also works on commissions and collaborations and her work is exhibited in galleries, fairs, open studios and markets.
She’s constantly extending her repertoire in clay which ignites her imagination and feeds her soul. Please go to her website for more information.

Mob: 07913 246719

Email: ceebeeledbury67@gmail.com
Web: www.clairebillingsleyartandceramics.com

Facebook: @clairebillingsleyartandceramics
Instagram: claire.billingsley


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