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Metal tree sculptures

After a lifetime in farming, David turned his hand to creating metal tree sculptures.
Combining his passion for bonsai with welding skill, he handcrafts tree sculptures made
from primarily reclaimed and recycled metals, locally sourced. His workshop is based on his
farm in rural Herefordshire, where he welds mighty Oaks, bonsai-inspired Pines with twisted
trunks, groves of riverside trees and other designs inspired by walks throughout the British
Sculptures can take up to 200 hours to complete, depending on the size; all details are made
by hand. Each small branch is individually applied, whilst the welder is used to create unique
markings and gnarled knots along the trunk as found in nature. These makers marks are
unique characteristics of each sculpture, making each a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

David will be exhibiting at various Guild events through the year and you can find further examples and information about his work through his own website and social media accounts.

Email: dptreesculptures@gmail.com

Mobile: 07896 990545

Website: www.dptreesculptures.co.uk

Instagram: dptreesculptures

Facebook: dptreesculptures


Windermere Pine by David PowellWaters-Edge by David PowellThe-General by David PowellOmiya-Pine by David PowellKyoto by David Powell