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Emma has been designing and making a wide range of leathergoods for over 30 years and works from her home-based workshop near Eardisley, set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Originally trained as a saddler and bridle-maker, she works exclusively with the best British bridle leathers produced by the renowned Sedgwick & Co tannery in Walsall. All of the buckles she uses are produced and hand finished by the Abbey Foundry, also in Walsall. It’s particularly important to Emma to use British materials to make her leathergoods.

Many of her leather products have evolved from traditional equestrian designs which have been adapted. The emphasis is always on quality, style and practicality, producing individually handmade leathergoods that you can enjoy using for many years. These include versatile belts and accessories, traditional cattle and sheep show halters, bespoke bridles and unique commissions.
She also enjoys collaborating with fellow craftsmen such as basket-makers, designers and jewellers, on joint projects. 

Emma sells her work nationally and internationally through shows, exhibitions, most of the Guild events and online through her own website. Commissioned work for her clients has included show halters for the successful Weston’s Cider Hereford Cattle and for A-list films including Robin Hood (2010), Fantastic Beasts (2015) followed two more films released later in late 2018 and early 2019 (‘Holmes & Watson’ and ‘Colette’). Her latest work for the film industry involved producing a large number of bespoke period dog collars and leads for the Cyrano, due to be released in February 2022.

Tel: 01981 500540
Mob: 07811 445944
Email: emma@esbleather.co.uk
Web: www.esbleather.co.uk

Facebook: ESB Leather
Instagram: esbleather


ESB Leather Daisy sight-hound collars in Hazel and Tan (62mm, Brass), Black and Red (45mm, Nickel)ESB Leather Black and Tan Raised collar (32mm) with matching black Classic lead (25mm)Daisy lead and collar, Black and silverESB Multi colour raised collarsESB Leather Clincher belt commissionBritish bridle leather belts by ESB LeatherESB Leather stitched key holdersESB Leather Ranger beltsESB Leather Dog collars and leadsESB Leather Blanket CarrierESB Black Cavesson BridleCattle Halters by Emma Baker-JonesESB Leather Show Bridle and HeadcollarEmma Baker Jones at the Workbench