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Liz Huppert

Stained Glass artist

After graduating in BA Ceramics from Bath Academy of Art in 1989, Liz was introduced to the medium of stained glass by a friend. She was struck by the way that light illuminates glass and sends coloured patterns dancing onto walls.

Since then, she has established herself as a successful Stained Glass Artist, producing ornate glass artworks that can been seen hanging in homes all over the world.

She now works and teaches from her Worcestershire studio. Using traditional glass painting methods, such as sgraffito, and the Tiffany technique, Liz produce panels featuring British flora and fauna and the countryside around her home.

Address: Stanhurst, Fox Lane, Kempsey, Worcestershire WR5 3QD
Mob: 07779 449237


Facebook: Liz Huppert – stained glass
Instagram: lizhuppertstainedglass


Stained glass by Liz HuppertStained glass by Liz HuppertStained glass by Liz HuppertArctic Tern by Liz HuppertCarp by Liz HuppertOtter and Water lilies by Liz HuppertTwo for Joy by Liz HuppertStained glass panel by Liz HuppertBadger by Liz Huppert stained glassRabbit in the cabbages by Liz Huppert