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Sarah Pinnell

Wooden Fretwork

Sarah has been producing beautiful wooden Fretwork from her home in Ledbury, Herefordshire for over 20 years. Using mainly native Oak hardwood, Sarah makes a unique range of items, from small tactile puzzles to intricate wall art inspired by nature. Each item starts as just one piece of timber and the design is cut on a fretsaw using a steady hand and a blade less than 1mm thick!

Everything is hand sanded and finished with multiple coats of protective low lustre Danish oil resulting in a truly individual handcrafted piece made from the finest sustainable timber.

Address: 18 Saxon Way, Ledbury,
Herefordshire, HR8 2QY
Tel: 01531 631860
Mob: 07962 230029

Email: sarahpinnellfretwork@hotmail.co.uk


Sarah Pinnell FretworkSarah Pinnell FretworkOak plaque by Sarah Pinnell FretworkTree plaque by Sarah PinnellSarah Pinnell FretworkTea light tree plaque by Sarah PinnellElephant set by Sarah Pinnell FretworkXmas trees by Sarah PinnellBears by Sarah PinnellSarah Pinnell Fretwork - CatsTealight oak leaf by Sarah PinnellSarah Pinnell Fretwork